Ase Boas joins Hunters for round 4

Former captain Ase Boas will be joining the SP Hunters in this weekend’s round 4 clash in Brisbane.

Boas replaces William Mone at halfback. Shane Haro, Kevin Appo and Epel Kapinias will make their debuts as Hunters numbers 74, 75 and 76 respectively, with Woods Kawage as Hunter no. 77 to come off the bench.

Joe Joshua, McKenzie Yei and Junior Rop were omitted for disciplinary reasons.

Jack Oii, Jerry Teme and Jordan Pat have been named on the extended bench.

The 20-man squad is:

  1. Bland Abavu
  2. Junior Rau
  3. Shane Nigel Haro
  4. Adex Wera ©
  5. Wawa Paul
  6. Justin Yoka
  7. Ase Boas
  8. Moses Meninga
  9. Charlie Simon
  10. Enoch Maki
  11. Kevin Apo
  12. Epel Kapinias
  13. Stanton Albert


  1. Woods Kawage
  2. Baundo Aba
  3. Dilbert Isaac
  4. Brendon Nima
  5. Jack Oii
  6. Jerry Teme
  7. Jordan Pat

Coach Michael Marum will finalise the traveling 18-man team on Thursday.

They travel to Brisbane on Friday for the Intrust Super Cup round 4 match against Easts Tigers at Langlands Park on Saturday at 4.05pm.

The team returns on Sunday.


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