A new relationship has been formed between Athletics PNG Inc and the PNG Sports Foundation through the National Sports Institute with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Under the MOU, the parties will work together to develop the content knowledge and best practiced skills of the sport of athletics to the next level, targeting Physical Education teachers, coaches, trainers and athletes.

PNG Sports Foundation Director of Major Events and Marketing, John Susuve was on hand to sign the MOU on behalf of the Executive Director, along with APNG President Tony Green.

Talks are underway for APNG to provide the course materials for the Human Movement Studies branch of the NSI to make a submission to the University of Goroka for teaching.

It is anticipated that if all goes well, a number of promising athletes will be identified through APNG’s own High Performance Division and NSI activities, to enrol at what will become a National Sports Academy, with enrolment complying with the set procedures of Stem 101 and the TVET Institute of UOG. 

In signing the MOU, Susuve said that the Foundation was very happy to work closely with National Federations and especially a sport like athletics which, being a key sport for PNG on the international stage, will lift the profile of the country.  

Green added that NSI is the logical place for athletes to train because of its central location, great climate and the training and accommodation facilities.

He said he hoped that the government will see the benefit in upgrading the facilities instead of focusing all its efforts on infrastructure in Port Moresby.

Apart from the pursuit of tertiary education programmes, APNG and NSI plan to re-introduce the scholarship program, whereby a small number of quality developing athletes will relocate to NSI and attend high school.

Troy Taule