Amean, Puara to play in UK

Stargroth Amean and Wartovo Puara Jnr have signed on to join Barrow Raiders in the United Kingdom.

Barrow, who compete in the Betfred Championship: English League, managed to entice 27-year-old Amean and 28-year-old Puara to sign under a one-year contract.

In a phone interview with Puara, the PNG Hunter was excited about the move, saying he signed on having taken into consideration the welfare of other players to move up in the ranks.

Puara, who was the first player to reach a hundred games for the PNG Hunters, expressed excitement at what lays ahead of him in a few months’ time – a new international contract.

He has captained the Hunters and come with the pedigree of having played internationally for PNG during the 2017 World Cup, as Barrow reported.

He said that the call to join Barrow Raiders came through a couple of months ago, and after some considerations, he signed on just recently.

He said he took into consideration young players who are coming into the elite level of rugby league, and it was important for him to move onto something bigger, to allow others to step up and take lead.

Puara said he is making a sacrifice to play overseas, away from his family.

However, he said he’s got the support of his family, especially his wife who has been his stronghold and support throughout his five-year impressive career with the PNG Hunters.

Puara said he’s had a couple of other calls from international clubs, but made the decision to join Barrow.

He only had praise and acknowledgment for the coaching staff and management of the PNG Hunters, the players and even his fans who have made his 5-year journey with the Hunters amazing.

The 2015 player-of-the-year leaves for the UK early next year.

(Stargroth Amean, left, and Wartovo Puara Jnr)

Salome Vincent