Albert brothers leave for UK

The Albert brothers- Stanton and Wellington today turned over a new chapter in their rugby league careers departing for the United Kingdom to join their new club, Widnes Vikings on a two year contract.

Close friends and family along with the PNG Rugby Football League were there to farewell the duo.

Wellington, 23 said: “I’m really grateful for the opportunity to play in the Super League. I’m also happy to have my brother alongside me.

“I want to thank the PNGRFL through the SP Hunters management and coach, Michael Marum for building me up.”

“I’m looking forward to this new challenge.”

Stanton, 24 had this to say: ‘This is a new chapter for us. I’m very excited about this. Playing with Wellington in the same team is nothing new. It’s normal to us. We always encourage and motivate each other to do better at every game.”

Both vowed to play their best for the country and also for their teammate, the late Kato Ottio.

“We were all so shocked when Kato passed away. We won’t forget him. We will play representing the country and representing Kato as well,” said Stanton.

CEO of the PNGRFL, Reatau Rau said it was a special day for the Albert family and wished Wellington and Stanton the best of luck.

There are now six current PNG Kumuls players contracted to Super League clubs- Wellington Albert, Stanton Albert, Luke Page, Garry Lo, David Mead and Paul Aiton.

Troy Taule