AFL talent identification carnival

AFL PNG held its Southern Region Youth Talent Identification Carnival on Saturday to select players for its development academy.

Scores of students battled for spots in the academy, to be co-run with the Australian Football League.

The Youth Talent Identification Carnival follows from the Niu Kick Program launched early this year and the school invitational competition currently being run.

Players who catch the eye of selectors will participate in redevelopment academy.

Australian Football League Pacific Program has been assisting and will lead the academy by providing fundamental training skills.

AFL PNG’s Niu Kick, school coopetition and the development academy are supported by Paradise Foods Limited under a two year K300,000 sponsorship, which the company is proud of.

Selected players will form the development academy in the Under 14, 15 16, and 17 for both male and female players.

Players from the development academy will make up the Binatangs and Kurakums squads for the South Pacific AFL Tournament and the Queensland State Championships.

Cedric Patjole