AFL PNG reaches Lavongai

The AFL PNG Development team in Kavieng reached out to the islands surrounding the mainland to deliver lifestyle advocacy messages and the Niukick program to schools.

Many of these rural areas do not have the same opportunities as those in the township area.

Niukick is an AFL PNG is an introductory program that provides opportunities for young boys and girls aged 5-15yrs to learn the skills and be part of the game of AFL.

Three key objectives of the Niukick program:

  • Introduce boys and girls to the game of AFL all over PNG
  • Provide a sage and inclusive place for young PNG people to learn and enjoy the game
  • Educate community leaders and players on the effects of violence as well as health and lifestyle messages

Through the support from the Australian Government and New Ireland provincial government, the development team visited New Hanover to run their programs at different primary schools: Noipuas, Umbukul, Metevoe, Taskul and Nusalava on Tigak Island.

Kavieng Senior AFL PNG Development Officer, Herman Bubu and Northern Region Development Manager, Daniel Meli both were impressed with schools’ administrations for allowing them to run activities with the whole student body.

The children displayed great football skills when going through the drills of kicking, marking, bouncing techniques and handballing.

From this, the five schools in Lavongai LLG will run a mini tournament to select the best players to represent their LLG in this year’s Regional Junior Development Carnival which will be held on July 8 in Kavieng and also take part in the AFL School’s competition on the island.

AFL PNG Kavieng Senior Development Officer, Herman Bubu acknowledged and thanked the New Ireland provincial government through the Community Development Office for their continuous support to the development of the Junior AFL Sport Program in the province.





Troy Taule