‘Made me feel like a thief’: Mbappe hits out at PSG in tell-all interview on $287m drama

Kylian Mbappe on Tuesday confirmed that he told Paris Saint-Germain in July he wanted to leave the club, accusing the club of making him “feel like a thief”.

The French World Cup winner has not extended his contract at PSG, fuelling speculation he will seek a move to Real Madrid at the end of the season.

The Spanish giants bid 180 million euros ($287 million) for Mbappe in August but PSG, who had just signed Lionel Messi from Barcelona, turned down the offer.

Speaking on RMC radio, Mbappe lifted the lid on the drama, claiming PSG made him “feel like a thief” after he was denied the move to Real Madrid.

“I said at the end of July that I wanted to leave,” Mbappe said.

“My position has been clear. I said I wanted to leave and I told them (PSG management) quite early on.

“Personally, I didn’t really appreciate Paris Saint-Germain saying, ‘He is asking to leave in the last week of August’ because that is wrong. It made me feel like a thief. I informed them early, at the end of July.”

At the time, PSG’s sporting director Leonardo said Mbappe could “leave or stay on our conditions”.

Mbappe said he eventually told PSG “if you don’t want me to leave, I will stay”.

“People said I had refused six or seven offers to extend and that I never talk to Leonardo, which is absolutely not true,” he added.

Mbappe, who joined PSG from Monaco for a deal worth a total of 180 million euros ($A287m) in 2017, said he had offered to leave the club in July to allow PSG to find “a quality replacement”.

“I wanted everyone to be in a win-win situation,” he said.

“Paris is a club that has given me a lot, where I’ve always been happy for the four years I have spent here and I am still happy.

“I said it early enough so that the club could react. I wanted everyone to come out of this stronger, that we leave hand-in-hand, to make a good deal and I respected that. I said, if you don’t want me to go I will stay.”


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