​Hunters finals: NCDC subsidises residents’ airfares

The SP PNG Hunters’ debut in the Intrust Super Cup grand final is definitely creating a wave of excitement amongst Port Moresby-based fans.

Lucky residents who wish to catch the Hunters’ showdown live will have their airfares subsidised by the National Capital District Commission.

This was announced by Governor Powes Parkop today.

The presentation of K75,000 by Governor Parkop to the Air Niugini Management today sealed the airfare subsidy deal.

Under this arrangement, the first 90 residents to book their flight on the special flight PX40005/PX4006 will leave Port Moresby at 7am on Sunday, September 24th, and return the same day, departing Brisbane at 10:15pm.

Governor Parkop said the Hunters have a huge following here in the nation’s capital, who religiously turn up in numbers during home games.

The Hunter’s direct entry into the ISC grand final calls for celebration and there is no better way than subsiding fans’ airfares by 50 percent.

The Air Niugini management announced that direct flights from Port Moresby to Brisbane are selling out like hot cakes.

Dominic Kaumi, ANG’s general manager, is encouraging residents who wish to watch the ISC grand final to book connection flights and throw their support behind Hunters.

The SP PNG Hunters will take on Sunshine Coast Falcons on Sunday, September 24th.

(Governor Powes Parkop with ANG general manager, Dominic Kaumi)

Carolyn Ure