Payne Haas requests immediate release in huge Broncos bombshell

Broncos star Payne Haas has reportedly requested an immediate release from his contract.

Haas is signed to the Broncos until the end of 2024 on a deal understood to be worth $800,000 a season.

However, The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Thursday that Haas sensationally asked for an immediate release on Wednesday night.

The Herald reports the request came after contract negotiations between Haas’ camp and the Broncos broke down. Haas allegedly rejected an upgraded $5.75 million contract offer last year that would have made him one of the NRL’s top earners.

A source confirmed to The Courier Mail that Haas had requested a release.

“It’s correct, Payne Haas has asked for a release. He asked for it last night,” the source said.

“He’s been having contract issues with his manager. He asked for an upgrade, but the Broncos came back with a no, so Payne has said OK well I’d like a release.

“He just wants to get what he is worth. I think he will play against the Titans this week but he wants to leave now.

“He is a bit disappointed with how things have played out.”

It comes amid a three-month standoff between Haas and his former manager, Chris Orr.

It was revealed in February that Haas was looking to recover agent fees he paid to Orr in the Supreme Court, claiming his former manager had a conflict of interest and did not abide by the rules agents need to follow.

It was reported earlier this month that Haas was facing a counter claim from Orr for unpaid commission fees of over $200,000.

According to the report, the Broncos denied the request. Haas was seen at training on

Thursday morning. There are nevertheless doubts over whether the superstar prop will play in the Broncos’ clash with the Titans on Friday night.

It’s understood that Haas does not have another club lined up at this stage, with 2023 Dolphins coach Wayne Bennett telling the Sydney Morning Herald he had no knowledge of Haas’ request.

However, News Corp reports that four rivals are interested in an immediate move for the superstar prop, including the Sydney Roosters.


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