Lahanis Rugby Team Assisted

The Bintangor Goroka Lahanis Rugby League team received a brand new 25 seater coaster bus, from the government and people of Goroka Local Level Government.

The brand new bus was presented to the team at the National Sports Institute in Goroka.

Local member Aiye Tambua officiated at the presentation, handing over the bus to team franchise owner, Simon Sia.

“The people of Goroka are proud that we are donating the bus because the Lahanis always carries the name of Goroka around everywhere they go and play.

“This season is a very short season, the bus might not be utilized as much but that doesn’t matter, Lahanis is a season, Lahanis will stay, all of us will come and go (but) the Lahanis will be there,” Tambua added.

He thanked Mr Sia and Bintangor for bringing the team this far, adding that the people of Goroka are proud of the team and will continue to support them.                                                                                                                                   

Team Manager, Tom Pori said, “All these years Bintangor has been (doing it) alone for the last 16 years to bring the Goroka Lahanis team and we have not received any significant input from various institutions, the government and also the open electorate.” Pori said.

Pori was happy to see that the government has finally stepped in to support the local team.

Mr Sia agreed it is the first of its kind in his 16 years of sponsorship of the team, to see government recognising the team and taking ownership of it.

“Em tim blong Isten Hailens. It’s our team, our pride. I can’t express my sincere gratitude to the member under your leadership I can see a lot of changes and this is one clear example,” said Sia.

Player for 11 years and now promoted to coach, Gonzella Urakusie said, “Goroka is changing and I want to say thank you for that and part of that you have donated the bus on behalf of people of Goroka we are really glad for that and we appreciate that donation. It will go a long way.”

Frieda Kana