Aiton impressed with old boys

PNG Hunters Assistant Coach, Paul Aiton has praised returning Hunters players for setting the pace for the new boys.

Since resuming training, momentum has pick up while the attitude and the work ethics of the players has impressed the coaching staff.

Senior returning Hunters have been commended for taking on some responsibility and leadership role in pushing and guiding the group around the training sessions.

 Players in the caliber of Ila Alu, Wartovo Puara Jr, Brendan Nima, Junior Rop, Benji Kot, Epel Kapinias and the like are doing a lot talking and mentoring which is really pushing the young players to get through their training sets.

Aiton has been quite impressed with the attitude of the old boys imparting their experience and knowledge of the game to the new boys.

Commenting on the progress of the new kids of the block, Aiton has been particularly impressed and blown away by the work ethics of big Tommy Moide, who’s set some big personal sacrifices to make an impression in his first Queensland Cup season.

Aiton has also made mention of ex-returning Hunters apart from the regulars who are embracing the young boys along.

He said it was interesting to note that the preseason training program has added value and benefitted a lot of the lighter backs in Morea Morea Jr, Tapie Solu, Jamie Mavoko and Liam Joseph to beef up.

Terry Longbut