AFLW not lady-like enough for ex-Swan

Former Sydney premiership player Tadgh Kennelly likes his women on the soft side, or so it would seem after the Irishman told Fox Sports News on Monday he was concerned about potential injuries to players going too hard in the AFLW.

Hopefully no-one is listening though, as the women’s aggressive approach to the game has been one of the league’s main attractions. 

“This is uncharted ground and it takes time and a lot of coaching to get used to protecting the head,” Kennelly said. 

“There are a lot of girls who haven’t played a whole lot of AFL football at the top level and not as full time professionals.” 

There’s no doubt the women’s league has seen an intense level of tackling and a fierce attack on the ball, in some degree due to the players currently having a lower level of fitness and skill compared to their male counterparts. 

But should that intensity drop or be reined in by rule changes, the competition will be in danger of being dismissed as a soft, low quality shadow of the men’s game. 

Australian cricketer Alyssa Healy agreed with Kennelly. 

“When you go out there you want to prove that you’re just as good as the blokes,” Healy said. 

“Maybe the girls are going just a little bit too hard and maybe it will even itself out.”