Hetwara Gang Attack Villagers

The Hetwara Gang of Nankina Valley in Naiyudo LLG in Rai Coast, Madang Province yesterday attacked Kwarawon village.

In the attack, a man was killed and a 15-year-old girl was sexually abused, according to police.

Rai Cost District election security commander, Inspector Steven Yalamu who received information from reliable sources at Naiyudo said those who were seriously injured couldn’t be transported to Saidor station to seek medical treatment, because the gang had taken control of the airstrip.

Inspector Yalamu said the gang has taken over the airstrip at Nankina. He said the Summer Institute of Linguistics Missionary house was destroyed including the only radio communication that serves Nankina and the SIL headquarters at Ukarumpa.

He said the people of Kwarawong have fled their homes and are seeking refuge in the bush.

Inspector Yalamu said the incident happened yesterday. He said a Hetwara gang member was killed previously by the resistance group. 

He said the resistance group were not aware of yesterday’s incident and were informed later in the day. They then regrouped and are now taking control of the airstrip.

Yalamu said he was informed by reliable sources that there is a certain candidate who is behind this, purposely to interrupt the election. The community claims that the gang would interrupt the election at Ward one of Naiyudo LLG, which include the first polling place at Pisangan all the way to Malamai.

He further added that the security personnel and the polling officials are yet to be flown to that location to start polling.  

He said the polling at Nankina Valley might be disturbed but he hopes everything will be fine with the assistance of more security officers.