Youths speared with fishing gun

Manus police have reported that two young men were speared with a fishing gun at Sone village on Baluan Island, Balopa LLG, during a homebrew brawl on Saturday, December 28th, at 2pm.

One of the victims, Nih Muli, was transported by boat to Lorengau Hospital. The spear had penetrated Muli on the left side of his abdomen to the right side, where he underwent an operation to remove it.

“The other victim was speared on his chin and the spear penetrated from one end to the other end,” said Provincial Police Commander, David Yapu.

Yapu said he was not pleased as he had sent his officers to Baluan Island on Tuesday, December 24th, to conduct awareness on homebrew consumption and other law and order issues but the youths ignored the police awareness and as a result, such an incident occurred.

“Police have arrested six suspects from Sone village, Baluan Island,” stated the PPC. “They are now in Police custody for further CID investigations.”

PPC Yapu commended the President of Balopa LLG, Jack Kolson, and his peace officers for assisting the Police in bringing in the suspects.

“I will be travelling to Baluan Island on Monday (December 30th) with my officers on operations to talk to the youths to refrain from drinking homebrew and causing further law and order problems during the New Year Period,” stated Yapu.

He appealed to all people of Manus to celebrate the New Year peacefully in their respective areas.

Press release