Youth group clean up market

A youth group who reside at Wagol Settlement in Madang were contracted by the town authority to clean up the town market. Rubbish had been piling up for more than a month, posing a health risk for all who use the market facility.

Yomong Youth group made up of more than ten young men started work this morning to clean out rubbish. 

Group Spokesperson Laurence Pessie said they bid for the contract when they heard that the market authority was looking for a contractor.

Pessie told this news room that the group will apply for more cleaning jobs in the town area should any individual or organisation need help in that space. A local businessman had secured a location to dispose the rubbish. 

A vegetable seller said the bad smell from the rubbish that’s been accumulating is unhealthy. She was happy that the youth are helping to clean it up. 

She also said the market authority should by now own a truck to clean up the rubbish daily. If sellers are paying tax, they should be given proper service.

One market user supported this call. 

"I feel sorry for the mothers who sell their produce close to the rubbish areas because many customers don't want to go there because of the rubbish. At the end of the day she makes less and she is also affected by the smell produced by the pile of rubbish. The authorities must seriously address this. It's not the first time that had happened. I am a woman and I feel for the mothers who supply fresh produce from the garden,” she said. 

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