Youth Efforts Amplified

International Youth Day (IYD) Activities were launched yesterday, to be carried out from 6th – 15th August 2021.

The organized activities are a collaborative effort of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), National Capital District (NCD) and partner youth organizations.

The recently formed IYD Committee announced that the PNG theme following the global theme is “Transforming PNG Systems; Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.” 

More than 10 youth organizations in partnership with UNFPA and NCD for these weeklong activities will call for:

  1. Meaningful youth engagement and participation for policy impact for behaviour change;
  2. Youth and agriculture for sustainability and a growing micro-economy, and
  3. Health and wellness for physical, social and mental health, including rights for sexual reproductive health.

It is through these programs that UNFPA reaffirms its commitment to young people, their health and wellbeing as the sexual reproductive health agency and agency with the youth mandate.

UNFPA’s Acting Representative Rena Dona said UNFPA works to empower young people to exercise and participation especially concerning sexual and reproductive health.

She said, “Globally UNFPA leads efforts on youth agency and participation and supports youth networks and organizations in the world on various development issues, humanitarian affairs and peace and security.”

National Youth Development Authority (NYDA) Principal Advisor, David Rupa called out to NYDA’s partners and stakeholders to strengthen partnerships and collaboration in order to realize the potential of youth and youth development in the country.

During the IYD activities, youth advocates will mobilize their peers, call on political leaders to enact reforms and challenge the status quo and take a central role in shaping their own future.

UNFPA’s Young Ambassador Bronwyn Kili highlighted the activities that will be taking place for IYD:

  1. Fun day on 6th August
  2. Virtual Youth and social media events
  3. School visits
  4. University debate on Meaning Youth Engagement
  5. Youth day walk on 15th August and a
  6. Development program in collaboration with the Youth Day Committee.

UNFPA, NCD and other champion partners will be working with the youth to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Marysilla Kellerton