Youth asks court for mercy

A youth from Chimbu, who is in court for armed robbery, has asked for mercy.

Yesterday he apologised in court and to the victim of his crime, which was committed at the Two-Mile hill bus stop.

The Koki to Two-Mile route is one where many women and mothers have fallen victim to armed hold ups while commuting on PMVs.

Yesterday, Toho Peter, a youth who lived at the Two-Mile settlement, appeared at the Waigani National Court where he admitted to robbing a policewoman who was in a bus on 7 April last year.

His guilty plea was accepted by the court.

The victim of the crime was robbed off her bag around 1pm that day. Quick response by her husband and other police officers led to the apprehension of Peter that same day.

Appearing from custody at Bomana, the unemployed youth told the court he committed the crime to sustain himself in the city.

Peter apologised in court for his actions. He also apologised to the victim, asking for a non-custodial sentence, to go back and take care of his parents.  

He will return to court next month for submissions on sentence.

He remains in custody at Bomana.

(The notorious Koki bus stop)

Sally Pokiton