Young Professionals Network holds AGM

Digital innovation and increased engagement were the key messages to members from the executives on the volunteer board of the Young Professionals Network of Papua New Guinea (YPN PNG).

These sentiments were expressed by the office bearers of the association at its annual general meeting (AGM) held on Saturday 20th February at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby.

“I’m happy to share the calendar for 2021. We are fluid in our delivery, dates can change or additional events may be included as we go. Ultimately, we assure you, we will deliver a fantastic and engaging calendar for our members,” said President of the YPN, Peggy Maha in her report to members as she launched the 2021 YPN Events Calendar. 

“We look forward to building on the foundations we have established in the past year, and are motivated to ensuring this year of transformation is one that will fully establish the YPN as an influential voice for our leaders, peers and communities.”

In addition to the President’s report, there was a financial report by the Treasurer and an update by the Secretary on the membership status of the YPN. In their presentations, the office bearers of the YPN emphasised the increased use of digital events in response to COVID-19 and also to cater to the wider interest of young professionals outside the primary locus of the YPN in Port Moresby.

The YPN, as an incorporated association, is governed by its Constitution, calls for an AGM every year and holds elections every two years. 

The YPN is administered by the executive committee, composed of office bearers (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary) and general members of the committee. 

The AGM was held following a deferral from 2020 due to COVID-19.

The YPN has an annual membership subscription fee of K100 which gives members access to events and communication platforms via email and WhatsApp. In the coming weeks, the YPN will be working to stage events such as ‘Cuppa at the Copper’ for YPN Members to meet informally at the Hilton’s Copper Bar. 

Further upcoming events planned for 2021 include YPN mentor dinners, giving members of the network the opportunity to meet prominent individuals in Papua New Guinea, and a YPN knowledge hub event in partnership with the Australia Awards Scholarship program.

(YPN office bearers with the 2021 Events Calendar)

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