YFIG says Police statement untrue

YFIG Group Ltd, one the companies that operate out of the Kennedy Estate has come out defending itself after being mentioned by the Police, Drug and Vice Squad of its involvement in fake cigarettes confiscation raid recently.

On 13 May 2019, Police, Drug and Vice Squad confiscated one 40 foot and one 20 foot container of fake cigarettes.

In a statement the management said in discussing the contents of the containers in the media, the police “irresponsibly stated that Kennedy Estate YFIG was involved in the fake cigarettes which they busted in January 2019”.

“It is unfortunate our corporate name YFIG has been mentioned by the Police, Drug and Vice Squad and we are seeking legal advice on the possible defamation of our corporate name and reputation,” it said.

“We have been distancing ourselves from involving in any illicit conduct or business and we remain committed to that.”

The statement went on to say that YFIG Group Ltd is primarily involved in building and delivering affordable homes to ordinary citizens of Papua New Guinea.

“It does not in any way promote or produce fake cigarettes or any other illegal products or activities. All its businesses and conduct comply with the laws of this country.”