Workshop set for Cervical Cancer Vaccination NCD pilot project

The National Health Department has launched the 2017 Cervical Cancer Vaccination NCD pilot project.

The project was launched on March 10, by the National Department of Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase in partnership with the National Department of Education and the Rotary Club of Boroko.

As a follow up to the launch, PNG Cancer Foundation will be hosting a workshop on the cervical cancer vaccination and the NCD Pilot Project at the end of this week on Friday, March 17, at the Health Services, Standard Branch.

The purpose of this workshop is to make sure the Foundation can assist with any questions and queries that may arise from the public about the cervical cancer vaccine.

For any matter that may need further clarifications or queries about the project, a medical and technical team that will be present to assist answer and clarify queries.

The workshop is only to assist with information on the vaccine so the public is properly informed on this important pilot project.

Annette Kora