Workers unions unite with political party

The Coalition of Workers Unions (COWU) has announced its affiliation with the Peoples Progress Party leading up to the 2017 National General Elections.

The workers unions include Maritime and Waterside Union, PNG Communication Workers Union (PNGCWU), PNG Energy Workers Union, National Airlines Employees Association, National Nurses Association and PNG Teachers Association.

The partnership will represent a new chapter for workers' direct participation in politics, their voices heard and interests better represented in Government through the PPP.

Party leader Ben Micah said, when addressing the unions, that this will enable the workers to have direct input into policies and laws affecting their welfare and interests.

Micah said this is consistent with the PPP constitution and policy for special interest groups including workers, students, women and landowners.

“This partnership will be entered in a communique to state and instruct that PPP will now become the political vehicle for workers to contribute policy, address their interests and fight for their rights,” he said.

PNGCWU president Nuq Mamtirin called on PPP to ensure that its policies be geared towards accommodating the wishes, aspirations, the will and desire for all workers, student groups, NGOs, churches and landowners.

Mamtirin said the policies must be workable and creative standard of policies geared towards improving working and living standards for all citizens and change the living standards of the people.

Included in the communique, PPP will ensure that the superannuation contribution of workers and employees are restructured so housing and educational requirements are met during employment tenure.

PPP will also ensure that there is an establishment of credit unions, an effective transport system for workers, flexible wage structure and workers equity in SOEs through a people’s unit trust.

PPP has endorsed 85 candidates for the 2017 Elections.

Quintina Naime