Work on Waigani Court Complex on track

The new Waigani Court Complex that will accommodate the National, Supreme and the new Court of Appeals, whose bill is still before Parliament, is on schedule to be completed next year.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia took the media on a tour of the complex construction, and said it is now 40 percent complete.

Construction of the new court complex began in 2015. It was to be completed this year however, funding affected the schedule. Nevertheless, it is on track to be completed in September of 2019. 

Chief Justice Sir Salamo said the contract was signed between the government and the construction company at K427 million.

Once the new buildings are complete, K180 million will be used to refurbish the existing court building in part two of the works.

“But we are on budget,” he said.

The total value of the entire court complex is K680 million.

There will be 15 courtrooms in the new buildings. Four existing buildings in the facility will also be refurbished in stage 2 of the works.

With the new infrastructure also comes separate court registries for the National Court, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Sir Salamo said the registries for each court will be an open work station area for all staff.

The current building that now houses the Civil Courts will become the home of the PNG Judicial Center for Excellence.

Once completed, the complex will have 31 judges’ chambers, underground secure holding cell and detainee transfer area, new public square, a café and National Judicial Staff Services staff and admin area.

Sally Pokiton