Work together, end domestic violence: Baki

Everyone has a role to play in ending domestic violence.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki made this comment following the death of Post-Courier’s senior journalist, Rosalyn Albaniel Evara, allegedly from injuries sustained from domestic violence.

“Family, friends and colleagues and even strangers cannot turn a blind eye to domestic violence any longer. They have a duty to intervene and take action,” he says.

“Every member of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is also duty bound to take action. Domestic violence is no longer a ‘family issue’. It is a criminal act and perpetrators can and must be prosecuted.

“We can all end domestic violence by speaking up and taking action now before it’s too late. The next time you walk down the street and see someone assaulting a woman, stop and tell him it’s wrong and that he will go to jail.

“Don’t ignore and go your way because by doing nothing, you are just as guilty and actually supporting domestic violence,” Commissioner Baki states.

Meanwhile, he welcomed the decision of the late Evara’s mother for a post mortem to be conducted, saying this will determine the next course of action police will take in this matter.

He confirmed that police investigators are now investigating the death of Evara following widespread public outcry over social media.

Commissioner Baki passed on his sincere condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the late editor.

(The late Rosalyn Albaniel Evara)

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