Work Begins On Tent City Roads

The upgrading and sealing of street roads in Tent City has commenced under the Lae City Suburban Road Upgrade Program of Lae City Authority (LCA).

LCA has awarded the contract to local contractor, R&Sons Construction Limited, saying they did quality work on the Eriku street roads.

The road works in Tent City area are in phases. Phase 1, which is currently underway, is from Kaiser Bus Stop inward.

“Funding is from additional infrastructure grant from the government, sourced by local MP and Lands Minister John Rosso, and working in partnership with Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu,” said LCA.

“The Suburban Road Upgrading Program is also supported by the 20 percent GST return from Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) through an agreement reached last year (2020) between Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu, IRC Commissioner Sam Koim, Prime Minister James Marape and Lae MP John Rosso.”

Through the GST return agreement, East Taraka phase 1 upgrading and sealing has been completed, while phase 2 is set to begin.

Work has also commenced on the Two-Mile to Three-Mile Road with certain parts being sealed.

Through a partnership program between Governor Saonu and Lae MP, the Golf Club Road, Karoka Street, Citos Street and Kapiak Street were upgraded and sealed.

Meanwhile, the Malahang-China Town and Kamkumung roads are 90 percent complete.

“These roads are being cemented and are funded by the Government, with the support from LCA.

“Like the Unitech-Tent City Police Station Road, the Department of Works is supervising these two roads.”

Press Release