Wong: Set Aside Political Differences

Minister for Health, Jelta Wong has called on all Members of Parliament to put aside any party or personal politics in the interest of National Safety.

"As our country deals with this crisis it is no time for senseless politics. We need all Leaders to put differences aside, and work with a common resolve to fight back against COVID-19.

"How many Leaders in this House have been encouraging their constituents to

get vaccinated? … How many leaders are standing up and joining the Prime Minister to push for greater vaccination?"

He added that vaccination keeps people out of the healthcare system.

"I am challenging all Governors to sign Tripartite Agreements with the Prime Minister and myself as Health Minister. This will set targets for vaccination uptake, alongside greater access to resources that are needed to drive demand,” Minister Wong said.

He added: "We need to work together to get more vaccines out in your provinces. Sadly, some non-believers in this House have stood up, spoken against vaccination and contributed to fake news.”

The Minister said some have even claimed COVID-19 is not real, which is ridiculous considering the number of deaths the country is now seeing from the Delta strain.

"Our country needs all Leaders to be responsible on this important matter and to be responsible with your words and actions.”

Freddy Mou