Wong: Opposition’s Claims Baseless

Minister for Health and HIV/Aids, Jelta Wong, MP, has slammed the Acting Opposition Leader, Dr Allan Marat over baseless claims on the National Pandemic Act.

Minister Wong said if the Opposition had taken any interest in the passage of the legislation, they would not be making such reckless and empty claims, particularly as the country braces for further COVID-19 disease spread.

“The National Pandemic Act was the most effective way to manage the COVID-19 crisis while balancing the need for business and the economy to stay open and recover.

“It astounds me that the Opposition has so little understanding of the challenges facing our nation as it keeps putting around political rubbish,” he said.

Minister Wong said the National Pandemic Act was approved by Parliament to get the people through the crisis that has killed millions of people around the world, and will keep killing as COVID-19 mutates and gets worse.

“The claims by the Member for Rabaul are ill-informed and misleading, and sadly, he is doing this is at a time when our people need honesty and certainty from elected leaders.

“If the Opposition claims money is being misspent they must explain themselves, and show evidence instead of making wild and unsubstantiated claims.

“A capable opposition is a constructive opposition that has alternative policies, instead of the current mob from which all we hear is the ongoing gush of misleading lies and empty claims.”

The Health Minister said at this critical time, with the risk of deadlier mutations of the virus entering the country, now is a time for unity.

“We all saw what happened in India and is now happening next to us in Indonesia with the spread of the COVID-19 Delta strain, hundreds of thousands are dead with the real number likely more than one million,” he said.

Minister Wong said the Acting Opposition Leader would be better off spending his time making a constructive policy contribution instead of trying to be disruptive.

“As we confront these challenges and guide our country through the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Government will continue to manage the economic affairs of our Nation.

“We will continue to work to keep business open, create jobs and emerge from this in a stronger position.”

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