Women Voices Of Change

The ‘Demand for Change’, a civil rights movement of women in Southern Highlands Province has started its first training in mindset changing at Karinz LLG, Mendi Munihu District.

About 60 women participants from the three LLGs of the district who attended a three-day workshop will now be the Voices of Change in their respective wards. 

Councillors and Church Pastors came together in a show of support for the women to become agents of change, first starting with their families before becoming going out into the communities they live in. 

Rev. Lowen Dus from Kamberep United Church said that Karinz LLG must change first before Mendi town can change, followed by Southern Highlands Province. 

The women received life skills training from the Master Trainer of the Grasrutz University Life skills Training Centre, Jameson Mange. 

Kagua Erave district administration is the first district to embrace the SHP Women Advocacy Plan presented to the SHP provincial administration during the UN Women Forum meeting in Walum, Immbonggu district last month during the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

Freida Kana