Women vendors sexually harassed by police: Governor

The Police Minister has asked the Central Governor and his people to submit statements following allegations of police abuse during the SOE.

Governor Robert Agarobe voiced his frustration in Parliament on Friday, June 5th, saying a Fox Unit physically and sexually harassed their women vendors during a raid at the Porebada junction on the 18th of April.

“It also went to the extreme where their private parts were searched for money,” said the Governor.

The Governor said this incident was included in a petition that was signed by about 200 of his people, and handed to the Police Commissioner.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said though he is yet to sight the document, he will raise the matter with the Commissioner.

Kramer further urged those concerned to write statements to ensure the perpetrators are dealt with.

“It’s important to understand the issue of ill-discipline in the police force. The AFP were brought in to assist PNG with a partnership to improve areas of college training,” said Kramer.

“When the recruitment came up for some 300 new recruits, and they were doing the screening, I was informed that they identified over 100 of applicants that filed fake applications. And they (AFP) made recommendations for those applicants to be put aside – and they were told to be quiet. And to ignore it. And those applicants were accepted. And we’ve seen the same now in Defence Force.”

Kramer said under the new government, and new commissioner, all these issues are being addressed.

Carmella Gware