Women in NCD celebrate GBV strategy endorsement

Women in the nation’s capital celebrated on the streets outside the City Hall today after hearing about the successful endorsement of the National Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Strategy.

The National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence 2016-2025 was finally endorsed by the National Executive Council (NEC) on Wednesday, December 15.  

The endorsement was announcement by Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Delilah Gore to hundreds of women groups wearing orange coloured shirts at a peaceful protest.

The protest was organised by NCD Governor Powes Parkop and NCDC as a call for action for the Government to endorse the strategy.

It was a collective voice from all women leaders, youths, civil society groups, churches and development partners in NCD.

The strategy provides a coordinated resource response to violence and strengthens delivery of services including safe houses and medical care.

The strategy was submitted to the Department of Community Development and NEC in October.

Gore thanked Parkop for standing with the women and making their voices louder.

“You’ve been heard, the strategy has been approved and must be implemented.

“You all represent the women and children in the provinces who cannot be here to be heard.

“I congratulate you for making this day a success and we should be celebrating because the strategy got approved,” Gore told the crowd.

Family Sexual Violence Action Committee national program coordinator, Ume Wainetti said it has been a long struggle to have the strategy endorsed.

Wainetti acknowledged the drive by the Governor to push the Government’s hands to make it happen.

Quintina Naime