Woman pleads guilty for fraud

A former staff of the National Judiciary Staff Services who was arrested and charged for Fraud in May last year has pleaded guilty before the National court.

Rachel Tony of Hula, Rigo, Central province was arrested and charged with obtaining goods by false pretense.

She admitted to the allegations before court and was found guilty accordingly early this week.

Tony will return to court on 14 May, to give time to the Probation Office to prepare two reports that will assist the court make its decision on her sentence.

She was a personal assistant to the chief justice when she made representations to a hire car firm, for a vehicle for 30 days, and signed rental agreement on behalf of NJSS.

The vehicle was not returned after 30 days which prompted the hire car firm to enquire about the vehicle at NJSS.

An invoice of K25,844.50 was referred to NJSS for payment.

 The vehicle, a Toyota 5-door Land Cruiser, was discovered at her residence.

Her employment was terminated on May 1, 2017.




Editorial note:

This is an updated version of the article initially published on Wednesday May 2nd 2018.

We initially reported that Rachel Tony was the personal assistant to the Deputy Chief Justice.

This was an error on our part.

Rachel Tony is not the P.A to the Deputy Chief Justice’s office, but she was the P.A to the office of the Chief Justice at the time of her offense.

We apologies for the over-sight and any inconvenience that this error may have caused.

Sally Pokiton