Woman gets 13 years for murder

A 34-year-old Engan woman has been sentenced to 13 years in prison by the Waigani National Court for murdering the second wife of her husband in 2015 at the Erima Wildlife in Port Moresby.

Julina Henry from Liagam, Porgera will serve a prison term of 12-years, five months and two weeks after her time spend in remand at Bomana was deducted from the head sentence of 13 years.

She was convicted on Aug 25, 2016 for the murder of Naomi Henry, on July 21, 2015 at Wildlife in Port Moresby. Both women were married to the same man.

Justice Panel Mogish in sentencing her said the deceased instigated the attack that led to her demise.

The incident took place around 6:30 that morning after Henry went to her husband’s house looking for her son.

She found the deceased drinking with her husband and an argument arose between the two women when the deceased was informed by her sister-in-law that her enemy “birua meri” was on her way to the house.

A struggle took place between the two women and the deceased was stabbed in the chest after Henry swung the knife she managed to remove from the deceased, only to find out the deceased had died after she fled the scene.

Her husband has since passed on while she was remanded at Bomana on Nov 4, 2016.

Henry has two children aged 17 and 4 years.



Sally Pokiton