Woman Arrested For Making Homebrew

Wewak police have arrested and charged a woman for producing huge amount of homebrew in a settlement within town during Christmas day.

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli said the police officers on the Christmas operation received information of the production of homebrew at a settlement near the Mobil area.

He said police officers then acted on the information and proceeded to the location and arrested the woman while she was brewing homebrew inside her house, while her husband escaped.

The man ran away when he saw the police while the woman was busy with her business when the police arrived.


Police officers then confiscated the brewing equipment, five liters of homebrew that she had in her position and brought her to the police station, where she was formally charged. She was charged under the Distillation Act for producing illicit spirit, which was homebrew.

PPC Beli said the husband is known to the police and they have called on him to surrender and face the penalties with his wife. He said there is liquor ban in the province and it is not good to see woman doing this in their homes to make money.

PPC Beli said they would collect money but those who consume it will be of greater effect to the community.

He said the people who are residing in the settlement and think that life is hard in town, must go home and do something worthy instead of producing homebrew and selling it those who will consume and create more problems.

“We had instances where people had died of consuming homebrew and fight among themselves resulting in deaths. You the producer will not compensate the live of the person who had died. It is good to stop producing such illegal alcohol.”

Meantime, PPC Beli also called on the people in East Sepik to celebrate their new year peacefully. He said police officers would continue their festive season operation. 

Sylvester Wemuru