WNB leaders welcomed home

Talasea MP and Minister for Communication and Information Technology Francis Galia Maneke and WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel were given a hero’s welcome in a 'Pasin West' way yesterday at the Hoskins airport.

The Nakanai tribe along with other tribes were dressed in their traditional outfits to welcome the two members as they stepped out of the plane.

Hoskins airport was filled to capacity as the people gathered to welcome the two leaders.

Maneke had been sworn - in as a Minister of state on Wednesday by Governor General Sir Bob Dadae at the Government House in Port Moresby.

He was the first MP from the province to be elected and to be given a ministry straight after the elections.

Maneke from the Nakanai tribe defeated the former Talasea MP, Francis Marus claiming the seat in this national elections.

Meanwhile, both leaders along with Kandrian Gloucester MP, Joseph Lelang will be sworn-in into the Provincial Executive Council today at the WNB provincial headquarters.

Freddy Mou