WNB Governor emphasizes importance of education

The fastest way to destroy a community or a country is not through atomic bombs and armed machineries but by destroying its education system.

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel uttered this remarks when officially opening a K50, 000 worth elementary classroom at Buluma in the Hoskins area today.

WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel in his official speech said education is the web that keeps community intact because it opens up individual mindsets and enhances each member of the community to become proactive in contributing meaningfully to its development and added that education gives hope for the future generation.

The Buluma elementary school new classroom costs about K50 000.

The funding was from the WNB Governor’s Office through the NBPOL Trust Fund.

The Province has 537 elementary schools, 274 primary schools, 10 high school and three secondary schools, hence, posing a daunting task for Governor Muthuvel to spread limited funding to all schools.

He added that for elementary schools alone, the Government would need K53 million if they were to fund all classrooms at a value of K100, 000 for each elementary school.

Governor Muthuvel is appealing to his people to bear with him as the Provincial Government makes do with its limited funding.

He stressed that the easiest way for children in the Province to have some opportunity is through education especially in a time and age when population is growing and the land mass remains the same.

Freddy Mou