WNB celebrates Independence in style

Kimbe saw joyful independence celebrations from the morning which lasted into late afternoon at the Independence Park.

There were floats, marches and bicycle rides around town and a joint police and Correction service parade was held and was reviewed by Governor Sasindran Muthuvel

Muthuvel, when delivering his speech urged the people of WNB to uphold the values of family and unity among themselves.

He said positive thoughts and actions will always bring out positive results.

He added that our communities have our own cultures and must be followed and respected at all times.

Governor Muthuvel urged his people not to forget God in their celebrations but to pray and put God first in everything they do.

He further reiterated that family is the main value that must be celebrated among themselves.

The independence celebrations involves sing-sing groups that kept the crowd entertained throughout the afternoon on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Provincial Independence committee Gabriel Bakani also spoke about Unity and encouraged people to continue uniting with each other in the province.

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Freddy Mou