Wife killer locked away for 13 years

Another case of domestic violence related death has seen a man from Henganofi in the Eastern Highlands province sentenced to 13 years in jail for killing his wife.

Danny Keko from Mehenav village pleaded guilty to killing his wife, Ekim Danny on April 4, 2015 at the Garden Hills market in Port Moresby.

The incident took place around 7:30pm after a scuffle took place between the couple. Keko then removed a kitchen knife from his wife’s billum and stabbed her in the back as was trying to run away from him. She later died from her stab wounds.

The argument arose over an affair after the woman returned to her husband in 2015.

 The deceased had an affair with Keko’s uncle in 2013 and the court ordered her to pay her husband K1,000 while the uncle pay K500 as fine for their infidelity.

 Unable to afford the fine, the woman returned to Keko in 2015 which he did not approve and told her to her to go back to her relatives.

On the day of the incident, they were walking back from the market at Garden Hills when they had an argument over the affair which led to the killing.

Justice Panuel Mogish in sentencing Keko on Tuesday said men who kill their wives whether it is provoked or unprovoked and where the woman is harmless and defenceless must be imprisoned at first instance.

“The court must come down hard on men who commit these kinds of killing to denounce the offending,” Justice Mogish said.                                                                                                                  

Keko spent one year, nine months and four days in remand at Bomana. That time will be deducted from the head sentence of 13 years. Keko will now serve a remaining balance of 11 years, two months, three weeks and four days at Bomana.


Sally Pokiton