Wewak locals raise security concerns

Wewak locals are questioning the state of law and order in the province and especially in the Town area.

This comes after a man, alleged to be the manager of the Tang Mow supermarket in Wewak, was seen holding a shot gun in the town public area. 

A picture of the man was posted online – which caused different reactions from the public.

While others were taken aback by this man’s action stating that the relevant authorities should look into the matter, and find out how and why the Asian national can be seen carrying this firearm in broad daylight;

There were others who defended the man’s actions.

One user stated that, the manager’s action could have resulted from threats that were caused by a recent hold up days before; men dressed in police uniforms had robbed a person of more than 20 thousand kina in hard cash.

Locals are now demanding that Law and order issues in Wewak be addressed immediately as the rise on the matter is frightening.

They also stated that police personnel at many times are outnumbered, and this creates a problem of its own.

The once peaceful town is soon becoming something that can be hardly recognised by locals.

Efforts to reach the Provincial Police commander for comments were unsuccessful.


Imelda Wavik