Western Province leaders call for recognition

Western Province leaders are calling for recognition by the National Government.

Following the recent Western Province Development Forum in Kiunga, the Western Province Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto, and his Open members called for the government to facilitate for a loan to be given to the province.

The loan will specifically facilitate for the development of agendas identified in the forum.

The Governor spoke directly about the combined stable provincial leadership being showcased by him and his members.

Hence he took the opportunity to call on the National Government to respect the province and help them facilitate for development agendas identified in the forum.

The Governor said the government has on occasion used the province’s resources to get massive loans, hence he is asking for the same courtesy to be afforded back to the province.

The Governor adds this loan will be to facilitate for specific development areas identified during the development forum.

He says with the appropriate funding and support from development partners as well as the National Government, the province can move forward in a consolidated effort to develop in key priority areas.

(Western Province Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto)

Julianna Waeda