Western Governor switches to Government

Western Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto, is now the latest inclusion of Opposition MPs, joining the ruling People’s National Congress Party.

Welcoming the Governor and the other two MPs, Maprik MP, John Simon and Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said their move to the government shows that the Government is intact and stable.

In a small ceremony this afternoon at the Sir Manasupe Haus in Port Moresby,  the Prime Ministersaid the MPs move shows that PNC led government is intact and confident to remain in power for the remaining parliament terms.

He brushed aside accusations that the MPs move to the Government was for their DSIP and PSIP, but for their own district and Province’s development.

He added that all MPs including the Opposition received their DSIP and PSIP.

“All MPs including those in Opposition received a fair share of DSIP and PSIP across the board.

“So far all the MPs received about K2m-K3m for their districts.

“Once this session of Parliament is over, the other remaining balance of DSIPs and PSIPs will be released.”

The Western Governor said his move was for his people and not for his own personnel interest.

“My people are priority and my move to the other side of the house was for the good of my province and not my personnel interest.”

He added that his move will also allow for service delivery to his people.

Meantime, Maprik MP John Simon said his move to the other side of the house was to fulfil his dream for the district.

“I have a big dream for Maprik district and if I don’t move to the other side of the house, my dreams won’t be achieved.

“I did this move for my people and my province as a whole.”

The members for Maprik and Usino Bundi were both with National Alliance Party whilst the Western Governor was with the PNG Party.

The move by the three MPs now brings the total number of PNC members to 46.

Freddy Mou
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