West Sepik Opens Education Office

During his recent visit to West Sepik, Prime Minister James Marape opened several impact projects in Vanimo town West Sepik, including a new education office.

The education office is a project funded through the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) fund. 

At the opening of the provincial education office, the PM conveyed a message to taxpayer queries regarding Services Improvement Program (DSIP/PSIP) fund.

“This is a testament of a DSIP. Straight to the province and a province doing work as part of the PSIP program. So evidence that PSIP can work and investments doing correctly for next year, our government’s put some money in National Planning, we’ll go around and take stock of all our districts and provinces.  Every fund that we transfer to districts and provinces, based on their acquittals they submitted, that those work have actually taken place on the ground right throughout the provinces and districts,” the Prime Minister said.

Governor for West Sepik Tony Wouwou said, “Our provincial education was built from rollover funds and cost about K5million within a period of 7 months. We are hopeful that your government will assist West Sepik in some of the proposed education projects such as Sandaun Teachers’ College.”

Wouwou also appealed for assistance to establish the Sandaun University Centre as well as the proposed Aitape TVET school.

Frieda Kana