Welcome parade for new CS Commissioner

The Correctional Service Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis, was officially welcomed as the new CS Commissioner in an inaugural parade on November 14th at the Bomana Correctional Institution

Present to formally welcome the newly appointed CS Commissioner was the CS Minister Chris Nangoi, who said the decision to appoint the commissioner was based on merit.

“I am honoured to work alongside him and his senior executive team, Commanding Officers and Officers,” stated the Minister.

“I will support him to fulfil the vision and mission priorities outlined in the Marape-Steven priorities for the Social and Law and Justice Sector, and the Correctional Service Plan for Modernization 2019-2022.”

Pokanis, whilst thanking the CS Minister, said: “I have great faith in our government, through the support of our national leaders, to continue to support the Service. I am duty-bound to work with our Government and our political leaders to pursue the visions in our national policies and directives.”

Commissioner Pokanis assured the government and the people that he will lay the foundation of a new chapter through reforming and modernising CS, starting with new amended legislation, new organisational structures, rehabilitation and prison industries to complement the CS Rehabilitation and Prison Industry Policy of 2015.

He further outlined that he will look at the training and development of officers from all ranks and file.

Commissioner Pokanis thanked the government, development partners and all stakeholders for their support and hoped that they will continue to support the Correctional Service for the good cause of contributing to rehabilitation programs to make a positive change to those incarcerated inside the institutions.

“I solemnly pay my deepest respect to past commissioners, senior officers and officers and friends, who have set the pace of reforms and change in Correctional Service,” he stated.

“Together with my current senior executives, commanding officers, officers, including our detainees and families, we acknowledge your contributions, and following your footsteps, we are duty-bound to continue the long walk for reforms and change.”

Commissioner Pokanis concluded by vowing to make CS a better place.

“I am mandated by the Government to bring back Correctional Service and make the Service a better place for current and future officers to live and work in. I want to create a place for unity and harmony. I will make sure that CS will be in a better condition when I leave the Service.”
Pokanis worked as a senior executive in the Law and Justice Sector for three years, twelve years as Assistant Commissioner and as Deputy Commissioner, prior to his appointment as CS Commissioner.

(CS Minister Chris Nangoi, left, with Correctional Service Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis)

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