Week in review – Court

In case you have missed headlines in the law and justice sector:

“A case has been made out that he is a humble, gentle giant that has fallen,” Justice Ambeng Kandakasi made these remarks when giving his tribute on Wednesday at the funeral of the late Justice Salatiel Lenalia. See more http://www.looppng.com/png-news/judges-he-was-humble-giant-65340

The late judge was farewelled in a ceremonial sitting on Wednesday morning. He will be laid to rest in his home village in New Ireland on Sunday. http://www.looppng.com/png-news/ceremonial-sitting-late-judge-65307

The PNG law society pleaded on members of the judiciary to put their health first as the country needs them.

The country’s new Attorney-General, Steven Davis, said three deaths in a space of almost three years for members of the judiciary has become a matter of national concern. http://www.looppng.com/png-news/law-society-please-put-health-first-65331

In the Supreme Court, the two appeals that were filed by lawyers for the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, and Police Commissioner Gari Baki in the Supreme Court, surrounding the PM’s arrest warrant case, have been joined together.

Full details http://www.looppng.com/png-news/appeals-surrounding-pm%E2%80%99s-warrant-joined-65390

The five Opposition members of parliament, who were served contempt of court applications by lawyers for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, had their lawyers go before the Supreme Court.

Read more onhttp://www.looppng.com/png-news/mps-contempt-case-adjourned-65461

On Monday, the National Court, when dealing with election-related cases, said there can only be one winner in any election, the pinnacle of election process and whether flaws and errors were committed, the outcome must be challenged by way of election petition.

More on http://www.looppng.com/png-news/gumine-case-dismissed-65179

And finally in crimes court, the owner of Golden Valley Enterprise and Jiwaka man, Justin Parker, has been given a jail term of 13 years by the Waigani National Court.

Full details on http://www.looppng.com/png-news/parker-gets-13-year-sentence-65330

Sally Pokiton