Weather service workshop underway

An Australian DFAT funded Humanitarian Partnership Workshop is currently underway at the Papua New Guinea (PNG) National Weather Service and is focused on training climate staff on seasonal prediction and drought monitoring.

The training started on Monday, July 16th, and will end on Friday.

Acting Senior Climatologist of PNG Weather Service, Kisolel Posanau, said this technical training will upskill and enhance their knowledge on seasonal climate outlook in Pacific Island countries.

It will motivate them to improve seasonal predictions and monitoring so that the people of PNG are able to plan better and make informed decisions based on timely climate information that the Weather Office produces.

PNG National Weather Services Director, Samuel Maiha, said while this is an excellent opportunity for them to receive training on the technical component, it is also allowing them to bridge working relationships with stakeholders so that they can collaborate to produce informative bulletins for disaster managers.

Carolyn Ure