Weather service issues addressed: Minister

Minister for Transport, Westly Nukundi Nukundj, says the issues that the staff of National Weather Service consider outstanding have been adequately addressed and understandings established.

Minister Nukundj clarified their pay levels and benefits evolved since the start of the last decade, where they wanted to maintain their salary levels even after they had been paid out their original Civil Aviation Authority Salary Fixation Agreement Entitlements.

In a statement released earlier this week, Minister Nukundj confirmed having an audience with the weather officers on several different occasions.

However, their actions to stop work portray arrogance and are demeaning after necessary steps were undertaken to resolve their salary discrepancies.

Nukundj also confirmed that the NWS Management secured K1.7 million through the budget management committee.

He said approval is one thing but getting money into the account is another, with the warrants released by Treasury Department.

Minister Nukundj said the adjustments will be reflected in the April 35th pay, backdated to January 1st 2016.

He gave his assurance to the National Weather Service staff on Friday, April 13th, but for them to pursue the matter is disappointing, he said.

(Minister for Transport, Westly Nukundi Nukundj)

Carolyn Ure