Water supply for Rumginae community

The people of Rumginae in Western Province will now be able to access clean water supply as they celebrated the launching of a new water project on Tuesday 7th of February, 2023.

The Rumginae Water Supply Project, is the very first Community Infrastructure Trust Fund Project undertaken by Mineral Resources CMCA Holdings Ltd. In partnership with Mineral Resource Development Company.

Chairman for MRCMCA, James Assan, stated that the aim is for impact projects.

“Some people in the community asked for projects like car, motor etc. but I said no it is not a funding under trust were OTDF takes care of. It is slightly different, we are looking for impact projects meaning projects were many people receive the service”, he stated.

Governor for Western Province, Taboi Awi Yoto, who was present acknowledged the investment to the Rumginae community, saying that the water supply must be taken care of.

Managing Director for MRDC, Augustine Mano, shared that it took 9 months to complete from February - November 2022.

"This Water project costs K3million. 3 bore water sites have been drilled, from which Water will be drawn and piped to the water storage tank which has a maximum of 300,000litres capacity. This is the same as having sixty, 5000 litre Tuffa tanks to each household" he stated.

Mano further added that the mission station, Rumginae rural hospital, the school of nursing, Rumginae Primary and Elementary school and surrounding villagers now have access to clean and safe water.

Loop Author