Water, sanitation restored for barracks

Water, sanitation and power supply are in place at the Bomana Police Housing Estate outside Port Moresby.

Minister for Police Bryan Kramer visited the housing estate on Thursday, where Red Sea Housing Managing Director, Kenneth Clinton, took him through the work that the company has done since coming to an agreement with the new government to complete this outstanding work.

Kramer was one satisfied Member of Parliament after visiting the Bomana Police Housing Estate constructed by Red Sea Housing, and witnessing the official connection of and running of the water and sanitation system at the housing project.

“In the previous (years), 2018 and back, the project remained incomplete because the government then had K40 million outstanding so the contractor couldn’t finish the work. The work was connecting the water and sewerage system and power supply,” Kramer stated.

Minister Kramer said the government came to an agreement with Red Sea Housing PNG, that it would pay back the K40 million in installments.

Based on trust alone, Red Sea Housing PNG continued to finish the job.

“With cash flow issues, it was agreed that K5 million installments would be made over this year and next year to the company. So far government made two lots of payments; the third one will be made next month, and the final one in December. And K20 million will be repaid by quarter in 2020.”

Minister Kramer said this is commitment to addressing the welfare of police men and women.

He also acknowledged Red Sea Housing for keeping its end of the bargain by finishing the setup of the water and sanitation equipment by the end of September.

“The focus now is to connect some 90 houses with power. Then we will sit with families and put together a proper program to have furniture and white goods. This program will come with rules and conditions.”

Meantime, Country Managing Director for Red Sea Housing Kenneth Clinton said the company will be doing an extra job as part of the project; that is for the children living in the housing estate.

“My CEO in Dubai wants us to put the playground in for the kids. We will start that process above and beyond the job we’ve done, so kids have an area to play. We will start next week.”

(Minister for Police, Bryan Kramer, with Red Sea Housing Managing Director, Kenneth Clinton)

Salome Vincent