WaSH review launched

Water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects and programs are an essential part of PNG’s development to a healthier country, as PNG is known for unimproved water supplies.

Now with the launch of a new Joint Sector Review in the WaSH sector on Wednesday, all WaSH interventions will be taken stock of and a report to policy makers and the government will be in progress through the implementation of the National WaSH policy 2015-2030.

This Joint Sector Review marks a significant milestone, being the first-ever in the WaSH sector. Orchestrating the collaborative effort is the Department of National Planning & Monitoring WaSH PMU.

“The culmination of this review is a testament to the commitment, time, and collaboration of the JSR Technical Working Group. Each member, representing diverse organizations and expertise, has played a crucial role in bringing us to this point.

“As we present the findings, interpretations, and conclusions of this review, let us remember that they are the result of a collective effort and consultation with key sector stakeholders and partners”, said John Nokue, National WaSH Planner, DNPM.

The JSR objective is to bring all WaSH actors, stakeholders in PNG to conduct a critical diagnostic assessment of the status of the WaSH sector to identify successful WaSH delivery approaches at the National level and more.

Keynote speaker, Deputy Secretary for Programming & Monitoring, DNPM, shared that as the first JSR this process was conducted at the National/Gatekeeper level, providing a learning point to improve on the upcoming JSRs to capture both National and Subnational WaSH progress.

“This review is timely, as the policy reaches its 8th year of implementation and this launch coincides with the recent launch of Papua New Guinea's MTDP IV earlier in the year. Though there has been significant progress in the Sector since the launching of the WaSH Policy in 2015, JMP reports have shown a declining trend in access since then”, he stated.

World Vision National Director said; “It’s really about knowledge and attitude and that’s when we see really big change, ofcourse along with infrastructure that’s important, but that’s where we need to put more emphasis on and thinking about how these things work, which is capacity development”.

All organizations who worked together were acknowledged for their input and together they all aim to push for a review status of WaSH at the national level, develop on a shortlist of priority and strategic areas, and identify key sector issues at the national level and provide policy and strategic guidance.

Loop Author