Warships expected to boost APEC security

It is anticipated that Australian warships will provide security offshore on PNG waters, especially along the borders of Indonesia and Solomon Islands.

Minister for APEC Justin Tkatchenko revealed this on Friday but says the arrangement is yet to be confirmed.

He told this newsroom that security preparation is of paramount importance for the Government and Australia is stepping in to provide security on air and sea.

“We want other countries to know that our security preparations are fully intact.”

Minister Tkatchenko said people outside of our country are considered threats, not PNG residents.

He said Australia and PNG police and PNGDF personnel have been training for almost three years now in preparation for the APEC Summit.

He is confident there will be no threats to the 21 economy CEO’s meeting.

Tkatchenko added that some information regarding security preparations are confidential hence cannot be disseminated publicly.

(One of the warships in Australia’s fleet, the 'HMAS Adelaide' – Picture: The Daily Telegraph)

Freddy Mou