Wabag MP committed in connecting Sepik to Wabag

The construction of the Enga Sepik Highway is a massive undertaking that will require significant investment and resources.

However, the benefits of the project are expected to be far-reaching, with improved access to markets, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

Minister for Health & HIV/AIDS and MP for Wabag Dr Lino Tom is committed in connecting and improving the transportation system between the two provinces.

The latest development in the project is the completion of the temporary Siwi Bridge, which will allow for easier access to the other side of the highway which is under construction.

The completion of the temporary Siwi Bridge is just one step in the journey towards a better transportation system in the region.

Dr Lino is committed to seeing the project through to completion and ensuring that the people of Enga and Sepik have access to safe and reliable transportation.

As the project moves forward, it is hoped that more milestones will be achieved, and the people of the two provinces will reap the benefits of improved infrastructure.