Violence, an uncivilised way of problem solving

Assaulting or abusing women to solve domestic problems is an uncivilised way of resolving conflicts, says a judge.

Men who assault women should not think they will get away lightly.

Domestic violence against women and girls is rampant throughout the world and PNG is no exception as reported in the media every day however, there are lawful avenues to sorting out domestic disputes. 

These were the remarks of Justice Panuel Mogish when imposing a sentence term of 25 years with hard labour to a former employee of the Justice Department, who viciously stabbed his wife to death at the Waikele market at Gerehu stage 6. This followed an argument on 14 March, 2014.

“The community has had enough of this kind of abuse, violence and degradation of women. Women have equal constitutional rights as men,” he said when sentencing Jeffery Saa on Monday.

While highlighting section 36 of the Constitution on rights irrespective of gender, the judge said husbands are not exempted from this constitutional duty to respect their wives.

“There is no longer that respect for the dignity of women and as equal partner in society.”

He said the court must come down hard on men who commit wilful murder in these kind of circumstances. This is to send a strong message home to men that if they take their wives’ lives, they must also be prepared to die.

Children remain the victims in these circumstances and Justice Mogish said a stern punishment is appropriate to denounce the crime of domestic violence resulting in unnecessary deaths. 

Sally Pokiton